BigStopWatch v2.2 公開


・Normal modeの廃止


オリエンテーションの設定は、アップデートするとクリアされてAuto Rotationになりますので、ぐるぐるまわして遊んだ後は、お好みの位置に固定した方が良いと思います。


BigStopWatch v2.2 公開」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Crypton

    Hi Yuki-san!
    I’m just stopping by to tell you, that I love Big Stop Watch!
    Its design is absoulty wonderfull and unique.
    I also have a request:
    Would you consider creating a clock using the same principles as with Big Stop Watch? Some kind of Big Clock?
    So that it would have three arcs, one for seconds, one for minutes and one for hours?
    Perhaps with options so that one could set the direction of the arc? For example, the outermost arc represents the seconds, which goes clockwise, but the middle arc represents the minutes which could go counter-clockwise? and the hour again clockwise?
    Hope to hear from you.
    Makoto aka Crypton
    PS: I’m sorry, not write in japanese. Although I am japanese from my birthright, I haven’t learned the tonge of my forefathers.



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