BigStopWatch HD v1.1.0 公開されました

BigStopWatch HD v1.1.0が公開されました。



BigStopWatch HD v1.1.0 公開されました」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Ted Walter

    Because it is so easy to tap the screen to register a “Lap Split”, it is also very easy to do so by accident, especially if you are watching the event, and not looking down at your phone.
    Could you make it so that we can hold our finger on the LAP SPLIT button, and that it only registers the Lap Split after you remove your finger.
    That way, as you are getting ready to mark a Lap Split, you can look down and put your finger on the phone, then look up to watch the event, and as soon as you let go of the button, it then registers the Lap Split. This would be a more positive way to have control over when that happens.
    Thank you,
    Ted Walter

  2. Jeff Meunier

    Would you be willing to post your source code for BigStopWatch to github or share with others? I have a different type of app and I LOVE your wheel display/control for the stopwatch that would be perfect for it.
    If you have already posted your source code somewhere, could you provide a link?



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