Touch the Wave for iPad」と「BigStopWatch HD」の、iPadのRetinaディスプレイに対応したバージョンを公開しました。



  1. Chris

    Hi there, I just left some reviews for your app in the app store. I love your work, thank you for writing this app. I use one of these when doing laps:
    That’s why landscape mode lock is important to me. I love the free version’s interface. The only thing it lacks is the memory recall. Any chance of adding that? I did buy the HD version to support you, but I think I will use the free version more because the interface is much better, in my opinion. Or, maybe if the graphics were fullscreen and the buttons were overlaid on top and transparent? These are only my ideas. 🙂 The smaller circle as a lap/split button was very good.
    Again, thank you.



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